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San Diego Economy

The economy in San Diego is very diverse, and the top industries in the area are not typical of most cities that you would find around the country. While the entire United States of America has been drastically struggling, economic wise, over the last handful of years, especially since the major recession that hit during the 2008 year, it has managed to stand pretty well. This is not just limited to the housing market in San Diego. There are a handful of reasons for this, most of which stem from the fact that the biggest industries in the area are not really based on any type of business production.

San Diego features the largest concentration of military in the entire world, which is pretty bizarre when you stop and think about sunny San Diego, as it is mostly thought of as a laid back, wealthy, and diverse area. More than sixty percent of the naval ships in the United States rest in the San Diego area, and over one third of the entire Marine core power is stationed in San Diego. It truly is a power house and a large amount of people that live and work in the area are involved in the military in one way or another. The defense industry in San Diego is huge, with one out of four jobs in the area belonging in one way or another to the defense industry.

Another major industry that drastically affects the economy in a good way in San Diego is the huge amount of Tourism. San Diego is a destination city, with people coming from all over the world to hit the beach and lay back in the city. There are tons of things to do, all sorts of attractions, and the city without question has some of the best weather in the country. There are also many universities in the area, and San Diego has some of the most advanced health care in the entire country as well. The health care aspect makes up a huge portion of the local economy as well, and there is no doubt that there is a massive amount of opportunity in the area. This can be seen by simply driving around the area, as the houses are extremely nice all throughout the city, and it is blatantly clear that a large portion of residents of the city of San Diego are doing very well when it comes to their bank accounts, illustrating how well the economy is doing in San Diego.