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San Diego Real Estate Agents – Top Agents of 2017

What does a San Diego real estate agent do?

When you’re looking to buy or sell a home or other property, where do you turn? The answer is usually a real estate agent. While it is possible to act as one’s own real estate agent (“for sale by owner”), the expertise and advice of a professional real estate agent is worth the price to many. From the beginning of the process to the end — and all the leg work and paper work in between — a real estate agent knows how to make the entire process as smooth and stress-free as possible.

The Basics of San Diego Real Estate Agents:

In San Diego, CA, a real estate agent is a licensed professional who must go through an examination process in order to become a licensed. Licenses are issued by jurisdictions (usually at the state level) and the licensing process varies depending on the state. Licensing ensures the agent has a basic level of knowledge enabling them to properly serve their clients.

Real estate agents act on behalf of the best interests of their clients, whether they are buying or selling property. They act as an intermediary, advertising the availability of and finding buyers for the property their clients want to sell, or finding property for sale that their clients might be interested in buying.

Real estate agents work together with other agents when their clients decide to negotiate the purchase or sale of a property. They negotiate on your behalf whether buying or selling. When negotiation is done and a purchase or sale moves forward, real estate agents work with the bank or mortgage lender of your choosing to complete (or “close”) the transaction.

Agents typically specialize in one particular geographic region, gaining familiarity with the real estate market there in order to best serve their clients. Some agents also specialize in types of property, such as residential or commercial.

For Buyers

For individuals looking to buy property, real estate agents are serving as a buyer’s agent. They will give you a broad sense of the properties available in the area within your budget, and will search for specific properties that meet your criteria. If any of the properties are of interest, the agent is able to arrange to tour (“show”) the property to the prospective buyer.

Buyer’s agents can provide both current and (recent) historical information on the real estate market in their area, providing perspective on the market to help the buyer make an informed and timely purchase.

It is worth noting that the buyer’s agent doesn’t have to work for the same company as or even personally know the agent who has listed a property; it is in every agent’s best interests to work collegially with other agents and real estate companies to show each other’s listed properties.

For Sellers

If selling a property for a client, a real estate agent is known as the listing agent. The listing agent, in consultation with the property owner, determines a selling price based on the property’s merits and the strength of the local market. They take photos and write a description of the property, and list it widely so that prospective buyers and other real estate agents know it is for sale.

Listing agents promote their properties in various ways, hoping to serve their clients by finding a buyer for the property quick — at at (or above!) the listed asking price.

The “Open House”

Besides showing properties to individual buyers who might be interested, real estate agents may also host an “open house” for an available property — usually a house, condo, or apartment. For example, real estate agents in Lake Las Vegas often have multiple open houses throughout the day, to showcase how homes look at different times of the day. This is an opportunity for interested buyers to visit and view a property without contacting a realtor and making an appointment. Many buyers can view a property simultaneously, and neighbors or those casually interested can also view the property, potentially generating “chatter” about the property and its availability.


San Diego real estate agents are paid through commissions, which are a percentage of the final sale price of a property. When listing a property with a listing agent, the commission percentage is negotiable at the outset, before the property is listed.

The seller can opt for an agent to provide a full range of services to promote the property for sale, including the use of marketing professionals to promote the property — or, opt for a less proactive effort on the part of agent. Obviously, a fuller range of service commands a higher percentage commission.

Why should you work with one of our top San Diego realtors to buy or sell a home?

Realtors have Training and Licensing to Assist Homebuyers

Anyone considering buying a home should work with a knowledgeable and licensed realtor instead of an amateur salesperson. Make sure a realtor has current licensure in the area where they are working to get the best customer service. Look at a state government’s licensing board to determine if a realtor is currently licensed before making a hiring decision. A home is probably the most expensive thing an individual will ever own, making its purchase something to think about seriously. When someone buys a home, they often live in it for many years or a lifetime. Most individuals have no experience with buying a house or condominium and do not understand the things to look for. Licensed realtors are trained in the local laws concerning building codes and contracts to ensure a client buys a home legally.

A Realtor Works as a Go-Between and Negotiator

Buying a new home is a complex process that requires a lot of communication between sellers and buyers both in person and with a telephone call. For anyone trying to buy a home, communication is a time-consuming process that requires understanding industry terminology and business practices. When someone works with a realtor, they are also gaining a great negotiator. A potential homeowner may want to offer a lower price on a home due to a defect, and a realtor understands how to explain this to a seller to get the best outcome for a client. Negotiating is a learned skill that savvy realtors also know how to perform for sellers trying to get more money for a home in a highly desirable neighborhood. When clients select an excellent real estate negotiator, it can lead to saving or making thousands of dollars during the home buying or selling process.

Realtors in San Diego Understand Particular Neighborhoods and Local Market Prices

Potential buyers may not understand every neighborhood in a city, especially when they are moving to a new location faraway. However, realtors licensed in specific regions frequently drive and walk through neighborhoods where homes are for sale to determine its amenities such as nearby shopping centers, schools and religious institutions. This means a realtor can help a family with young children find a home within walking distance of an elementary school. For business professionals relocating for a job, finding a home located within a short drive of a new employer is also essential. Not only does a realtor understand various neighborhoods in a town, but they also know about local market prices for real estate.

A Realtor can find the Latest Home Listings with Professional Networking

When a potential homebuyer is relocating to an area with a competitive market, having a realtor who participates in professional networking is vital. With the right connections, a realtor knows about a home that is for sale before it is listed online or in paper advertisements. A realtor should belong to several professional organizations and have the ability to communicate with other real estate agents in the region to know about the most recent homes available as soon as possible. Instead of hiring a part-time realtor, make sure to hire one that considers this career a full-time job. Realtors that spend the majority of their time looking for real estate offer the best way to find a home in a hurry.

Realtors in San Diego, California Complete and Submit Complex Real Estate Paperwork

Both sellers and buyers of homes have an enormous amount of complex paperwork required to make the process legal. To ensure there are no lawsuits in the future, hiring a realtor with an understanding of the documents involved is necessary. Each geographic region has created a trail of paperwork of documents to protect buyers and sellers from unscrupulous deals. A realtor has to make sure there are no liens on the property, verify that the home meets local building codes and register a deed with proper authorities. If a step in the paperwork is missed, then there are often financial ramifications. Because each state has different requirements for buying and selling homes, hiring a professional realtor is vital.

More info on San Diego Real Estate

With its world-class beaches, charming neighborhoods and outstanding quality of life, San Diego is a great place to buy a new home. Known for its laidback atmosphere and wealth of real estate options, this sun-soaked Southern California city is ideal for families, commuters, young professionals and retirees alike. Prospective homebuyers will find a rich variety of real estate options available at surprisingly competitive prices, including waterfront homes, quaint townhouses and modern homes with generous floor plans. No matter what you’re looking for, beautiful San Diego is sure to have it. The city’s mix of quality real estate choices, superb quality of life and trove of local amenities and attractions make it a truly outstanding place to live.

San Diego real estate is noted for its excellent quality and wide array of options to choose from. Real estate in the city enjoys a prime location on the sunny Southern California coastline as well as competitive interest rates and solid property values. Home size and price ranges vary greatly and offer something for everyone, regardless of budget or personal taste. The city is renowned for its huge variety of real estate choices, just a few of which include modern condos with superb amenities and striking views, charming townhouses, spacious single-family homes, reasonably-priced starter homes, comfortable multifamily homes and much more to choose from. Waterfront homes and condos with convenient access to the city’s acclaimed beaches are also available at great prices. Whether you’re looking for a modern single-family home to house your growing family, a trendy place close to Downtown San Diego or a beachfront property to enjoy a blissful retirement, San Diego has it all.

In addition to its quality real estate options for every budget, San Diego also hosts a rich variety of unique neighborhoods for homebuyers to sample. From hip enclaves to leisurely beachfront communities to bustling Downtown San Diego, the city truly does offer a neighborhood for everyone. Downtown San Diego, the city’s vibrant commercial core, is an increasingly popular place to live. The neighborhood offers easy commutes for local workers as well as striking waterfront views and a bevy of local shops and restaurants to explore. The charming Gaslamp Quarter offers a mix of historic homes alongside many of the city’s top nightlife spots, theaters and restaurants. The upscale Marina district is home to modern condos with stunning views and close proximity to local shops while the family-friendly Cortez Hill and the revitalized East Village are two more communities in Downtown San Diego that offer superb real estate options.

Outside of Downtown San Diego, great neighborhoods abound too. La Jolla, renowned for its picturesque beaches and beautiful waterfront scenery, hosts a wide array of home options as well as many galleries and cultural institutions while Point Loma and Ocean Beach offer a laidback atmosphere and convenient proximity to the city’s world-class beaches. For those seeking an active lifestyle on the city’s waterfront, Pacific Beach and Mission Beach are two fantastic options. Hillcrest, meanwhile, meanwhile enjoys easy access to the famed Balboa Park and a trove of shops and cafes to discover while the Old Town area is filled with charming historic homes and some of the city’s top Mexican restaurants. Other great neighborhoods in San Diego include San Ysidro, South Park and Mid-City.

San Diego also boasts a wide array of attractions and amenities to enjoy. The city hosts acclaimed public schools and colleges like San Diego State University as well as a robust transportation infrastructure that includes major highways, the San Diego Trolley, Amtrak, bus services and San Diego International Airport. Local attractions and sites of interest abound in San Diego and include its sun-drenched beaches, the San Diego Zoo, the countless museums and cultural institutions of Balboa Park, the San Diego Maritime Museum, the Museum of Contemporary Art and much more to discover.

With its rich array of neighborhoods, quality real estate options and exceptional quality of life, San Diego is a fantastic place to live. Those interested in San Diego real estate should definitely take a good look at the city and have a personal look at its trove of home and property choices on the market today.


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